A conference day can also be a well-being day


A conference day can also be a well-being day

In Siuntio there's space for creating new ideas and effective meetings. We place at your disposal quality accommodation and highly functional work spaces, from rooms for small group meetings to a banquet hall for 200 people. Our auditorium for 110 people is perfect for lectures and seminars. The idyllic Lepopirtti villa is also a meeting place with many possibilities, combining modern technology with a unique traditional atmosphere.

Training days and lectures about well-being can help motivate and inspire greater personal-development and self-care. By following the meeting with guided exercise, fitness checks or treatments can help create a positive outlook as well as a successful meeting. Rehabilitation and well-being services are provided by the company4event”.


  • The largest single conference space can accommodate 200 people.
  • 220 people can eat simultaneously in our restaurant space.
  • We have 180 parking spaces and separate places for buses.
  • Many different group spaces to choose from (16 in total).
  • The bright Winter Garden also has space for 200 people.
  • The idyllic Lepopirtti villa, on its hill holds 100 people.
  • The modern Vaahtera auditorium (which has windows) holds 110 people.
  • Tammenterho is a group meeting place, consisting of three rooms for six people each.
  • Takkatupa (the fireplace lounge) has nine comfortable armchairs and is suitable for group discussion and group work.
  • Lumme and Kaisla are our private saunas where there are also lounges for entertaining.

Additional information

Spa Hotel Rantasipi, Siuntio
Distance from Helsinki:
51 km, a 45 minute journey by car
Distance from Turku:
129 km, a one hour 25 minute journey by car
You can hold conferences year-round, indoors or outdoors.
For whom:
Companies, societies, associations and other groups.
One-day conference package from €52.00 per person.
+358 9 260 60 60 (Monday - Friday 8:00 to 17:00).