A team-building day under the birches


Team-building days inspire cooperation

Reserve a moment to relax and get out in the beauty of nature together. A day under the birches at Lake Lohja fosters the cooperative spirit in your team which helps your ideas get off the ground. We can tailor the programme of your team-building day according to your requirements. The following is a suggestion: Start the day with coffee and an introduction to the day's programme. During the morning, include a healthy dose of exercise, be it calmer or more fast-paced. Enjoy a buffet lunch at the restaurant and take it easy for a while after eating. Then put on a backpack and go for a walk to a nearby wind shelter and make coffee over an open fire.

We have a great selection of calmer or more intense programmes

In our yard we can get active with Frisbee golf, football, kettlebell training, minigolf, Nordic walking or outdoor Zumba. Calmer options for the afternoon programme include yoga, Pilates, or t'ai chi.

If spa treatments appeal, you are quite welcome to relax for example, in the salt room or with a massage.

Additional information

Spa Hotel Päiväkumpu
Distance from Helsinki:
80 km, a one hour 10 minute journey by car
Distance from Turku:
108 km, a one hour 16 minute journey by car
By appointment.
For whom:
Groups of at least 10 people.
Good to know:
Winter season alternatives include for example, snowshoe hiking or indoor relaxation exercises.
From €59.00 per person.
+358 30 608 4100