Archipelago cruise to Jussarö, old mining island


Deserted houses and malfunctioning compasses

Jussarö is a mining island, which offers a combination of fishing, maritime, defence and mining history unique in the Gulf of Finland. It is protected as an important national heritage site and surrounding the small pilot’s cottage is a well preserved traditional landscape.

Everyone who has approached the island observing their compass has had to rub their eyes and look again in disbelief, as the compass needle seems to go crazy, turning this way and that. The reason is the large deposits of iron ore, far down below the sea. Compass malfunctions have caused many accidents in the waters around Jussarö and there are several shipwrecks nearby.

When iron mining operation ceased in the 1960s the buildings were abandoned and became dilapidated. Jussäarö was then used by the Finnish Defence Forces as a training gournd for urban warfare and for training divers.

Jussarö's unique nature is the jewel of the archipelago

There are some great trails on Jussarö, along which you can admire the unspoiled forest and endangered plants and insects. If you walk from the harbour, straight to the middle of the island, you'll soon be confronted with a strange sight. Rising from the forest are bullet-ravaged concrete buildings, a lighthouse and a mine shaft, which was started in the 1800s. Tourists are advised to bring their swimsuits to take advantage of an ideal swimming spot along the nature trail: Iron Beach, with its red rocks. You can buy a picnic lunch from the café by the harbour.

Archipelago cruises require advanced booking. Places are limited.

Additional information

Ekenäs Archipelago
Distance from Helsinki:
121 km, a two hour 50 minute journey by car and boat.
Distance from Turku:
138 km, a three hour journey by car and boat.
Cruises from the North Harbour in Ekenäs, during 28 June - 9 August 2017 on Wednesdays from 11-16.30
For whom:
Archipelago tours to Jussarö are suitable for the whole family.
Good to know:
The tour takes 5 hours 30 minutes. Route: North Harbour in Ekenäs - Sommarö - Jussarö - Sommarö - North Harbor in Ekenäs. Weather permitting.
€30.00 per person. Partial journey €15.00 per person. Children under 10 free.
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