By snowshoe in Lake Lohja’s beautiful landscape


Use snowshoes to make your own pathway through nature

Snow is no obstacle to starting our trip. On the contrary, the more snow, more fun.

The many wind shelters around Lake Lohja offer a great choice of destinations for a snow shoe walk, regardless of fitness. And what could taste better on a snowy day than to cook sausages over and open fire and drink a cup of steaming hot coffee or warm juice?

The routes pass through the areas of Karnaisten Korpi, Liessaare and Lahokallio. Along the Lahokallio path you can drop by the idyllic Lakeside Café.

Good equipment makes hiking more fun

We use award-winning, high-quality French TSL-snowshoes and adjust the telescopic walking poles for each person's height. The only thing you need to bring is a good mood and dress according to the weather. We provide sausages and juice or coffee. You are welcome to also bring your own water and snacks if you feel you'll need them.

Additional information

In the countryside surrounding Lake Lohja
Distance from Helsinki:
60 km, a one hour journey by car
Distance from Turku:
116 km, a one hour 20 minute journey by car
Whenever there is snow on the ground.
For whom:
Excursions on snowshoes are for the whole family.
Good to know:
The trip takes 2-3 hours and the minimum number of participants is two people.
€45.00 per person
+458 40 715 4815
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