Celebrations at the Siuntio Spa Hotel Rantasipi


Weddings, graduations, Christmas parties, corporate functions, events - all kinds of celebrations can be arranged at the Spa Hotel Rantasipi in Siuntio.

We offer versatile, stylish and atmospheric celebration facilities - from intimate family gatherings to large corporate events, from dinners to cocktail events and fairs. Due to our easily adaptable spaces we can ensure that each party has the right space to create the right mood - whether it's a summer wedding or a torch-fire lit Christmas party.

With us it's easy to arrange a celebration: you'll have someone who is responsible for making sure your whole event runs smoothly from beginning to end. Tell us your requirements and we will fulfil them: furnishings, food, service, programme and clean-up – leaving you to focus on enjoying the festivities!

Besides party and restaurant services, we have also have a hotel under the same roof. The hotel has 191 rooms, so we can accommodate guests for the night even for larger celebrations. Siuntio Spa Hotel Rantasipi also has a day spa and a wide range of sports facilities.

Party room - number of people

Lepopirtti 90

Suvipirtti 30

Takkatupa (with fireplace) 8-10

Winter Garden 150, cocktail parties

Restaurant cabinet 80

Tervaleppä cabinet 60

Private Sauna Lumme 12-18

Private Sauna Kaisla 6

Wind-sheltered covered seating in the woods 40-50

Wind-sheltered covered seating close to the lake 8-12

The wide-ranging and high quality services we offer ensure the success of your party

  • restaurant, catering
  • accommodation
  • private sauna
  • furnishings
  • cleaning service
  • conference rooms
  • meeting services
  • programme services
  • well-being, beauty and fitness services

Restaurant Services

We offer both ready-made set menus and menus tailor-made to your specifications. Ask for our sample menus. Restaurant services are available for all our party areas including the private saunas and our restaurant staff are professional and have extensive experience.

Programme Services

Whatever sort of programme you want for your party, we can help you realize it! Atmospheric themed evenings, action-packed programmes, everything from star performers to magicians. Just ask and we'll gladly give you more detail about our programming to ensure your experience is exactly right.

Additional information

Spa Hotel Rantasipi, Siuntio
Distance from Helsinki:
51 km, a 45 minute journey by car
Distance from Turku:
129 km, a one hour 25 minute journey by car
All year round.
For whom:
Weddings, graduations, celebrations, corporate functions and events.
Celebrations and events are always planned individually on the basis of customer needs and requirements regarding space, service and programme.
+358 9 260 60 60 (Monday - Friday 8:00 to 17:00).