Discover the enchanting Lake Puujärvi


A land shaped by ice-age meltwater

Unbelievable but true: At the end of the last ice-age, the meltwater in Finland shifted enormous amounts of soil and rock. A large sand ridge arose at Karjalohja and above that formed Lake Puujärvi. The lake is mostly replenished by spring water sources. Puujärvi is relatively deep, averaging a depth of 8.3 metres and measuring 21.7 metres its deepest point. The lake is six kilometres long and boasts a 25.9 kilometres of shoreline. Puujärvi flows into Lake Lohja, Southern Finland's largest lake, which is located 15 metres lower.

The water quality in Lake Puujärvi is excellent

An active water protection association – founded in 1967 – looks after Lake Puujärvi. Thanks to the activities of the association, Lake Puujärvi with its surrounding land was elected to the national Natura 2000 conservation program, precisely because of its clean, drinkable water. Pike, vendace, whitefish, trout and other angling fish thrive in the lake. Hiking around the lake and fishing and rowing on the lake are all permitted under the “everyman's right” to roam and enjoy the countryside. The peace and tranquility of the lake's natural surroundings dissipates life's stress and improves personal well-being.


Additional information

In Karjalohja, Lohja
Distance from Helsinki:
90 km, a one hour 15 minute journey by car
Distance from Turku:
100 km, a one hour hour 30 minutes journey by car
Available for anyone to visit, any time of year.
For whom:
Suitable for all ages.
Good to know:
Whether booking a cottage or just spending a day at Lake Puujärvi, you can rent equipment and order lunch from the landlord.
Includes a day at Lake Puujärvi with equipment and lunch.
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