History of the ironworks and craftspeople


A guided tour of the ironworks

During the tour, our guide presents a living history of the Fiskars ironworks, the shops and the artisan craftspeople there today. We'll visit selected shops and workshops, and meet with the entrepreneurs, artisans, designers and artists who live and work in Fiskars Village.

Tour languages: Finnish, Swedish, English and Russian.

Price / group, 2015: Mon-Sat €100.00, Sundays and holidays €150.00. Invoicing fee €5.00.

Tour duration: 1 ½ – 2 hours

Book a guided tour with FiskarsInfo, tel: +358 (0) 19 277 7504.

Additional information

Fiskars Village
Distance from Helsinki:
88 km, a one hour 15 minute journey by car
Distance from Turku:
104 km, a one hour 20 minute journey by car
We offer guided tours all year round.
For whom:
The tours are available for groups.
From €100.00 per group.
+358 19 277 7504
Company Website: