Staff well-being day at Päiväkumpu


Combine a get-together day with well-being measurement

The First Beat test clarifies among other things, what quality your sleep is, what typically strains your body, how to restore your body after exercise, how exercise affects your health and fitness and how you consume energy. Now, First Beat test measurement is also available as part of a well-being get-together or work wellness day!

One day well-being get-together

A staff well-being day at Päiväkumpu includes the First Beat programme with feedback, four-hour use of a function room with all the equipment, breakfast, buffet lunch and afternoon coffee for your entire group.

The day starts with a healthy buffet breakfast and welcome information. For the next four hours the group have a function room and conference equipment at their disposal for your own programmes, or if you prefer, we can arrange a programme for you. In the function room there will be water and a selection of fruit and nuts. From 11:30 until 14:00 a buffet lunch will be laid out and in the afternoon reinvigorating coffee and tea will be available with pastries.

During the day you'll get an introduction to First Beat test. Testing equipment will be shared out and we will explain to you how to use it. You'll receive the results of the test, both individually and for the group as a whole. You can easily combine a staff well-being day with other things, such as joint exercise breaks or a dip in our spa.

Additional information

Spa Hotel Päiväkumpu
Distance from Helsinki:
80 km, a one hour journey by car
Distance from Turku:
108 km, a one hour 16 minute journey by car
By appointment.
For whom:
Groups of at least 10 people.
From €220.00 per person.
+358 30 608 40