Adventure time – Experience Raseborg with the kids


Just one hour from the capital, Raseborg is located halfway to Turku from Helsinki – a great asset when it comes to taking the whole family on a one day trip to explore what Finland is all about. In Raseborg, you can see a completely different side of the land of a thousand lakes, but what’s there to do for the kids? Here I’ve listed our best tips for a family day in Raseborg.

Ghost stories at Svartå Manor

Our first stop is Svartå Manor located on the eastern border of Raseborg. Take the kids on a guided tour in the manor to admire the beauty of the building and listen to spooky ghost stories. Pick your favourite statue while walking in the garden or go to the gazebo if you want to feel like a real princess (or prince).

Meet the blacksmith and the glassblower 

After a touch of castle life, we head to the idyllic village of Fiskars. The village’s playground is a children’s paradise, where you would’ve liked to play as a child yourself. When the little ones have rollicked about for a while, a refreshing ice cream from the kiosk next to the park is what you all will need. Another tip for a short visit in Fiskars is to go to the workshops, where you can see a blacksmith hammering or even blow a unique glass decoration together with the master glassblower.

On an adventure in a medieval castle

Next, we make a stop in the small village of Snappertuna to explore Raseborg Castle Ruins. The castle is an exciting place for both young and old with lots to see and do. The kids can also take part in a summery time travel to learn more about the castle. Follow the Lovers’ path all the way to the house museum Forngården, so that the kids can take a look at the sheep. And when your stomachs are growling, stop by Slottsknektens stuga to enjoy a delicious lunch or spread a blanket on the grass field next to the castle and treat yourselves with a picnic.

Hunting treasures and climbing in the Old Water Tower

Our final stop is the seaside town of Ekenäs. Hop on the citytrain to take a ride through town or participate in the Starhunt, where riddles take you through the most important attractions of Ekenäs.

The children’s favourite spot in Ekenäs is without doubt Stallörsparken, where they can romp on the playground as well as take a dip in the sea. The kids can challenge their parents on the miniature golf course right next to the beach. The Nature Centre is also worth a visit, since it offers plenty of interesting information on the archipelago for the kids. 

A perfect ending for this adventurous day is to climb up in the Old Water Tower to check out the 360-degree view that opens over the town. Can you spot all the places you’ve visited? After the climb, there’s no better way to end the day than with a chocolate cake at Café Gamla Stan
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