Commuting towards the spring!


Snow melt-water is dripping from the roofs, the ditches are filled with streaming water and the birds are singing – surely these are the signs of spring. It is a lovely feeling being able to drive to work and back home again, all whilst it is still light outside. It was not long ago that mornings and evenings were both equally dark.

I pass a bus and hope that it will follow me towards Vivamo. I am already thinking of the period in April and May when these big vehicles, one after the other, drive to Vivamo bringing both known and unknown travellers.

We meet in the reception, everybody is happy. We share the latest news like old friends. They all have some expectations, a heartfelt wish to fulfil. This is how we have worked for the past 70 years.

Our surroundings and the people’s outfits have changed, but deep inside we all have the same needs, irrespective of eras and generations. You see it in the queues by the buffet table. A lovely set table of locally prepared food, that’s simply irresistible.

It’s amazing how much you can think about during just a very short drive. The main issue for me today seems to be food. I should have had a proper breakfast at home, or come in to work earlier in order to enjoy Vivamo’s generous breakfast.

Oh yes – the Maundy Thursday Seder meal – now I am getting really hungry. Better not to think about it. Apart from the fact that it’s a long time until Maundy Thursday, this period also contains many meals, breakfasts, dinners and evening snacks. And of course, coffee and cake. What a delicious drive I had this morning.

Now, let’s park the car and go meet today’s people.

Leena Broman

Managing Director of Vivamo
Leena Broman
+358 20 768 1760