Lohja Island, heritage landscape of 2014


Jewel of Lake Lohja

Maatiainen ry – The rural heritage association chose Lohja Island as heritage landscape of 2014. Lohja Island is located in Lake Lohja, which is in turn part of the city of Lohja in the Western Uusimaa region of Southern Finland. It’s an hour’s drive from Helsinki to Lohja Island. The nature on Lohja Island is exceptionally rich and diverse, meaning that there are many rare and endangered plants to be found in the area. The reason for this uniqueness is the rich lime deposits within Lohja Island’s bedrock, which gives the soil a different balance to other places.


The thing that I like best of all about Lohja Island are the many apple orchards there. Alitalo apple winery, amongst others, has extensive apple orchards with thousands of apple trees. In some ways, it can almost feel like travelling through Tuscany or Provence, with rows and rows of apple trees flicking past the car windows while driving along the island’s roads. Once you have explored the apple orchards you can end your tour with a glass of wine or cider. The island has numerous places worth visiting within a few kilometres of each other, like Elegans – both an antiques shop and a florist, or Martinpiha – with accommodation, café and shopping opportunities.

The Paavola oak

One of the finest sights on the island is on oak tree in Paavola, which is probably the largest tree in Lohja. The oak is on the Paavola nature trail. Lake Lohja itself is also amazing. Being Southern Finland’s largest lake, there are many opportunities for activities around the lake, and you can even hire a boat with a guide for fishing trips.

Another world

I live in Helsinki and sometimes I complain to my wife how I am tired of everything and want to travel to distant countries. Perhaps it can be called cliché, but we don’t actually need to travel that far. Just an hour away from Helsinki, and you are already in a completely different world.

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