Winter in Ekenäs Archipelago


Something unique in the middle of winter

Every Finn can name the best of the sights in Finland: the unspoilt nature, the thousands of lakes and the world’s finest archipelago. All these things bring to mind the summer – green forests and a swaying jetty by the beach.

Even though I am Finnish myself, I experienced something truly unique for the very first time in my life when I came to Sommaröstrand’s marina in the Ekenäs Archipelago. And, no, I was not there in the summer, but the middle of the cold Finnish winter. The fact is, that there is much more to the Finnish winter than just Lapland. In addition to its other services, Sommaröstrand offers trips by hovercraft during the winter, and I can now attest to the archipelago in winter being something quite magical.

The middle of nowhere

No human activity is visible and there are also surprisingly few buildings. One minute after departure and we are already in the middle of nowhere; or rather, in the midst of the amazing Finnish archipelago. Being on the hovercraft itself is a fun experience, but being able to reach the archipelago in winter is something else. During this winter safari through the archipelago we can go ashore and explore some islands if we want, and if there is plenty of snow, try snowshoe-walking. And of course, like any good explorers we have a picnic lunch with us.

Near the centre of Ekenäs

Sommaröstrand is a nice place generally, but especially worth mentioning is the small archipelago shop. It has been open every single day of the year since 1984! One can only marvel at the level of tenacity required to accomplish such a feat in the harsh conditions of the archipelago.

You arrive at Sommaröstrand in your own car by using the Skåldö ferry, and then drive right on into the atmosphere of the archipelago. From Ekenäs centre it’s only about 17 km to Sommaröstrand.

Hovercraft video.

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