Ravanti Events


Ravanti Events - Organizer of Nature Travel Services in West Finland

Naturally and securely on land, in the woods and on the water. We arrange adventures and experiences in nature composed of stories, high quality and ingenuity. We do it in slow tempo without hurry and with pleasure.

Nature Heals

We prepare local specialities of organic, locally grown ingredients including the wild food from surrounding forests. In the vicinity we can take a walk on the Food Path: we grill fish on open fire and have a traditional forest hut at our disposal. We hike in the woods and on the lake during all the  four seasons. During the summer months we can enjoy the warm waters of  the lake and in the spring and autumn there are different activities to make acquaintance with. The winters offer the icing of the lake, always a spectacle. During the midwinter we test the kick sled and jigging.

Experience the Biggest Lake of Southern Finland

The Lake of Lohja and its surroundings create wonderful options for experiencing the Finnish nature, only a less than one hour's drive from the capital.

Our ambition is to fill our visitors minds with positive impressions and to create a non-forgettable memory of the Finnish country life in the archipelago.

Additional information

Distance from Helsinki:
79 km, A one hour journey by car
Distance from Turku:
169 km, Two hour journey by car
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