Hotel Villa Maija Hanko


Welcome to Hotel Villa Maija!

Villa Maija offers unique villa style accommodation in Hanko Finland, in a traditional environment but with all modern conveniences. In addition to accommodation Villa Maija also offers an atmospheric venue for smaller family celebrations and company events.

Would you like to experience an unforgettable vacation in the beautiful summer town of Hanko?

Hanko is the southernmost town in Finland featuring a unique and peaceful villa atmosphere. It’s the perfect retreat where you can feel the fresh sea air on your skin and gaze at impressive waves.

Hotel Villa Maija offers comfortable villa style accommodation at a perfect location close to the sea. Spending a night in a nineteenth century villa is an experience you’ll never forget. Hanko is not too far from Turku or Helsinki, it’s only a 1.5 h drive, and there are also bus and train connections.

With a mature age of 129 years Villa Maija offers a blast from the past with all modern conveniences. The main villa as well as the two other garden buildings have been carefully looked after and renovated with respect for the past.

Additional information

Distance from Helsinki:
125 km, 1 h 37 min by car
Distance from Turku:
146 km, 1 h 48 min by car
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