Fiskars Antique Fair JULY


Antique dealers will be gathering in the historical surroundings of Fiskars. The Fiskars Antique Fair will be arranged in July 2017 in the old knife factory.

The event, which is a joint venture by the dealers, attracts more than 70 well known antique professionals from Finland, Sweden and Estonia. This first-rate event will be held in the 2500m² covered fair grounds of the old knife factory.

A high quality assortment of antique goods

There’ll be a high-quality and varied supply of furniture, arts and small items at the fair, suitable both for collectors and those wanting to furnish their home, with anything from 1700s antiques to 20th century design. Experts, who have a long experience in this trade, value the customers’ own items. will help you to interpret the stamps on items manufactured in precious metals.

The dealers wish all the faithful fair visitors welcome as well as new customers, interested in home decorations and antiques. The Fiskars Antique Fair is the number one event for those interested in antiques.


Organizer: The antique dealers jointly