Lohja’s top tourist attractions: Lake Lohja and Tytyri Mining Museum

The sights that draw the most tourists to Lohja are the beautiful scenery on the shores of lake Lohja and the unique underground Tyryri Mining Museum. Lohja’s natural environment is characterized by its chalky soil and the many apple and fruit trees that give it a special beauty. The easiest way to learn all about Lohja’s nature and culture is by visiting some of the many memorable events organized throughout the year. Lohja has its own town orchestra, a rich variety of theatre performances and offers excellent opportunities for sports and exercise. Staying in the cottages by the fresh clean lakes, it’s easy to gather strength for life’s challenges.

Lohja is less than an hour’s drive from Helsinki and just over an hour from Turku and has just under 50,000 inhabitants. The city offers versatile and high-quality services and a selection restaurants and cafés where you can take a break while shopping. If you don't have a car, Lohja is best reached by bus. There are frequent buses to and from Helsinki and a direct service between Lohja and Helsinki-Vantaa airport.

Lohja through the seasons

In winter Lohja has the season’s best activities to offer: good skiing terrain, skating rinks, family winter events, concerts and theatre performances. In the spring visitors can enjoy the thousands of flowering apple trees, and the chalky soil in the deciduous forests is covered by blue, yellow and white anemone flowers. In the summer, Lake Lohja becomes the focal point; beautiful sunsets, relaxing canoeing or a fine zander caught on a fisherman’s hook. Tourists and locals alike flock to summer market-square and beach events to enjoy stress-free times together. In the autumn the nature trails bustle with those seeking to nourish body and soul, collecting the forest’s harvest of berries and mushrooms.

Lohja’s event highlights

The main events for visitors to Lohja are the beach festival Rantajamit (Beach Jam), the Apple Carnival and the Old Times Christmas Fair. In July the Rantajamit festival is held in Aurlahti by Lake Lohja. Lasting several days, visitors can enjoy a great festival atmosphere which brings together Finnish rock and popular music artists. Autumn brings the harvest festival celebration and then it’s time for the Apple Carnival, held around Lohja Museum. The carnival offers a diverse family-orientated program and opportunities to buy good local food. The Old Times Christmas Fair fills the area around St. Laurence Church with market stalls and things to see, including of course, the man himself: Santa Claus. Besides these three events, which attract the biggest crowds, there are also concerts, exhibitions and various sporting events organised in Lohja every week. These events give any visitor an excellent opportunity to get to know the local people and culture.

Lohja’s Attractions

Lohja’s unique Tytyri Mine Museum, located 110 meters below the surface, is a destination of international interest. The underground guided tours explain the history of mining and include a brilliant light and sound show on a viewing platform overlooking one of the huge mine shafts.

Three places to visit in Sammatti of Finnish cultural and historical significance are Paikkari Cottage, birthplace of Elias Lönnrot, Lammi Farmstead and the Johannes Lohilampi Museum. In Lohja city centre the Lohja museum’s Iso-Pappila exhibition space hosts changing exhibitions about local history. Lohja is also home to some specialist museums, like the Dairy Museum, Kovela Tractor and Manor Museum, as well as the Kaarre Military History Home-Museum.

For the traveller seeking personal well-being in beautiful surroundings, there is Päiväkumpu Spa Hotel and Kisakallio Sports Centre. In Kisakallio sport and exercise are the focus, but the large and versatile spaces are suitable for many events, meetings and themed days. At Päiväkumpu you can relax with spa treatments, enjoy the surrounding nature and good food in the restaurant. In the centre of Lohja there is the Neidonkeidas Recreational Pool, the Harju sports centre (with skiing on real or artificial snow), an ice rink, a sports field and Tennari exercise hall, which serves as hobby and events venue.

Rent a cottage or stay on a farm

Lohja is a summer visitors’ paradise. Lake Lohja, Uusimaa’s largest lake, along with many other smaller clean and clear lakes in the Lohja region offer many wonderful beaches for thousands of summer visitors. There are about 8500 summer cottages around Lohja in total, creating a real buzz in Lohja in the summertime. Many of the cottages are available for tourists to rent even for short periods, because Lohja’s location just an hour from Helsinki makes it easy to take the short trip to a summer cottage to relax and de-stress.

Two real gems of countryside tourism are Karjalohja and Nummi-Pusula. These pleasantly renovated farms serve tourists, a diverse range of events and make it easy for visitors to get to know the local culture, animals and country atmosphere.

Shopping and design in Lohja

The most sought after souvenirs by visitors to Lohja are those made by local craftsmen and the irresistible locally produced food. Lohja is Finland’s second largest apple producing region and on Lohja island there is even an apple winery. The numerous orchards in Lohja mean locally grown apples are available in the region’s shops well into the winter. Other popular souvenirs are locally designed jewellery, textiles depicting Liessaari bridge and souvenirs made from local limestone.


An important component of any successful holiday or trip is of course, good food, and the centre of Lohja has several restaurants offering meals à la carte as well as lunch buffets. In addition to the traditional Finnish food, you can also choose to eat Italian, Chinese, Mexican or Indian cuisine. Lohja is distinctive for its rich and chic café culture, and with a friendly service, our professional confectioners will serve you mouthwatering pastries that you’ll remember long after your visit to Lohja.

Hiking and nature trails in Lohja

The most interesting of the natural sights in Lohja are Karkaliniemi nature trail and Torhola cave, which is among the top ten best caves to visit in Finland. Along the more than three kilometers of Karnaistenkorpi nature trail you get acquainted with Finland’s wilderness. This nature trail has two wind shelters with outdoor composting toilets available there and at the car park. The oak in Paavola out on Lohja island is a place with a mystical fairytale-like atmosphere. Liessaari nature trail is a great place to go with children. You can see the Liessaari bridge gracefully spanning the water, and after the walk you can enjoy a swim at Liessaari beach. While standing on the bridge, be sure to take some pictures of the city’s beautiful skyline.  In Karjalohja you can enjoy the arboretum at Tammisto farm. The arboretum is over 90 years old and has more than 250 different tree species. The Fruit Garden Fruticetum on Lohja island is a showcase for more than 500 different kinds of fruit trees.

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