By the sea close to Helsinki

Siuntio is situated on the south coast of Finland, only 30 minutes from the Helsinki metropolitan area. The municipality has 6200 inhabitants with settlement concentrated in the municipal centre, around the church and in the Störsvik area. Siuntio’s Key Services and the train station are located in the municipal centre. In 2015, Siuntio will be 555 years old, something visible in sites that have been preserved alongside new construction. During the 2000s, the population increased dramatically, thanks to immigration from Helsinki and other parts of Finland. Population growth has led to new services being introduced, new housing estates being built and greater activity in the community.

In May Siuntio is filled with thousands of handball enthusiasts, when the annual Siuntio Cup is held. Lux Musicae (concerts featuring many famous soloists) help disperse the winter darkness with the light of music. The concerts are held in the Siuntio church, Sjundby Manor and Spa Hotel Rantasipi Siuntio.

Siuntio’s coat of arms is a combination of the arms of the Uusimaa region and Saint Peter, who is patron saint of Siuntio’s medieval church. The key symbol represents the keys of heaven, held by Saint Peter. Suitia and Sjundby manors stand testament to the area’s medieval history. Siuntio is the only municipality in Finland where there are two medieval stone ‘castle’ mansions: Suitia mansion castle  and Sjundby Manor. In conjunction with the undulating landscape the manors form fabulous views for visitors to behold. Siuntio has been known as the Key Municipality since the reign of King Gustav Vasa.

Siuntio’s history as part of the Soviet land lease

In accordance with the peace terms following the Second World War, Finland ceded control of the southern part of Sjundeå to the Porkkala area, which was leased to the Soviet Union until the 1950s. The area became a Soviet military base near Helsinki. There are still reminders of that time in the road network and Russian text on some of Siuntio’s buildings. Local tour guides provide historical tours around the Porkkala area. Southern Siuntio offers great recreational activities. Visitors can play golf or tennis and enjoy a swim in the sea or by the so called “sandpit” in Pikkala. You can go canoeing in the archipelago or along Siuntio river, with Siuntio marina and SE-Action Oy Canoeing Centre serving tourists.

Rantasipi Siuntio Spa Hotel, open all year round

You can stay overnight at the Rantasipi Siuntio Spa Hotel all year round while enjoying their diverse spa services. In summertime there is also a local summer theatre performing next to the hotel and in the winter you can spend your time inside the spa hotel with hot baths and good food. Well-being, peace and quiet and opportunities to exercise enjoyably are available for all visitors!

Getting to Siuntio

Siuntio is linked to Helsinki by both highway 51 and railway. The railway station is in the centre of Siuntio municipality. If you drive along highway 51, you turn north and drive about five kilometres, bringing you to the municipality centre. Störsvik in southern Siuntio it is best reached by car. When you turn off highway 51 to Störsvik the drive is about three kilometres to the south. In Störsvik there is a canoeing centre, a beach and a golf course. The Rantasipi Siuntio Spa Hotel is located before Siuntio's majestic grey stone church and the surrounding settlement, about three kilometres from the municipality centre.

It pays to check bus and train timetables before leaving from Helsinki or other parts of Finland on the trip to Siuntio. From the local railway station you can continue your journey within Siuntio by taxi or Siuntio Key Lines bus routes. Siuntio has a marina located on the municipality’s southern coast, so you can also arrive by boat.

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